What I’ve been up to

Since I’ve been dormant for awhile except to the closest of friends, here’s a synopsis of the last 3+ months in all avenues of my life.


I moved back to Indy at the beginning of June. I could’ve gone anywhere, really. Stayed in SoCal for a couple weeks, figured out where was hiring in the Arch world *laughs to self*, and moved there. But I knew where I wanted to work, so I moved there.

I’ve worked with Schmidt twice already, and loved both experiences. They take pride in their work and the sense of work community is better than I’ve seen at most other firms that do substantial work. There are a core group of people (of the 90+) that I consider my “work family”, and I love being back in the fold of that environment. (I was hired on in a contract setting to help them through two projects that will last through Thanksgiving, at which time I will hopefully transition to full time.)

I’m not kidding when I say family – this gang of misfits came after a day’s work, mid-week, and helped me unload my uhaul of the heavy furniture items and maneuvered it up some windy stairs into my new domicile. We then drank beer and shot the sh!t. It’s great to be back.


I’ve been getting back into the groove of having fun and hanging with friends: hosted and been to some parties, concerts, races, awareness walks, low key wine nights, drinks on the porch, backyard movies…the good stuff. I’ve been smiling a lot, laughing even more, and just having fun. It’s refreshing.

Home Life

If you haven’t realized (which means you’re living under a rock, because all of my social media outlets have had proof of her, like I’m a brand new, first-time mom or something), I got a dog mid-August. She’s a black standard poodle. I gave her the name Madeleine, after the Col de la Madeleine. It is one of the toughest climbs in the tour, a hairy switchback known for separating the strong from the weak, and a perfect name for my new little french girl.

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