Three cheers to a New Year

As most of you know, my 2013 hasn’t been the greatest. A divorce and no solid job have made life a bit stressful. Being back near friends drops the stress level a bit and as much of a pain as Madeleine can be sometimes, she’s definitely a positive.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to 2014.

As most people do, I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to accomplish in 2014. So here goes:

1. Find a job.

2. Start dating.

3. Finish testing for my license.

4. Read an average of 1 book per month for pleasure.

5. Travel somewhere new.

6. Brush up on my Spanish and/or learn a new language.

7. Look into and hopefully find a home for myself.

8. Find a new church family to attend with regularly.

9. Visit Katie in California.

10. Continue to grow L2 Design.

11. Create, begin, and maintain a solid workout regimen.

12. Return to better eating habits.

13. Participate in a half marathon.

14. Attend the Kentucky Derby.

So there we have it. 14 goals for 2014.

I look forward to this year as one of self, professional, and social growth. There are sure to be awesome happenings in the lives of my friends as well: a wedding or two, some babies, and lots of fun.

Bring it, 2014. I got my shades. Nothing’s getting in my way. And if the pessimists and joy snatchers try, they better watch out. They’re liable to get hurt.


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