Project 365: Week 4 recap

DAY 22: Lady M always gives me this sideways head cocked expression when I whistle at her. It makes me laugh every time.

DAY 23: I was reminiscing about New Hampshire falls today and was reminded on my drive home that my current locale ain’t so shabby, either.

DAY 24: Madeleine is getting so big! There are times I come home for lunch and ask her if she grew while I was gone, but it’s most evident when she stands next to the landlords’ dogs.

DAY 25: SARA BAREILLES! I was stoked out of my gourd all day at work and in complete bliss at the show. If you are ever given a chance to see her live, take it! Three experiences so far, not once have I been even remotely close to disappointed.
DAY 26: Happy first birthday, little skittle! Hard to imagine it’s already been a year.
DAY 27: First bath time at home. Madeleine was not a fan, but didn’t make too much of a mess either. Her poor, shivering body was torture enough.

(You’ll notice I missed a day. I didn’t want to mis-label the posts and end on 28 and cut myself short. I promised 365 images, and 365 I will deliver.)

Have a great week!

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