Project 365: Week 3 recap

DAY 15: No matter the day I’m having, this little goober makes me smile.

DAY 16: This is the beginning of a new development by IndyModHomes down the street from me. There will be a total of nine prefab homes on the site when it is done and I’m excited to see it progress.
DAY 17: Miss Madeleine was being a pretty little poser tonight and oh-so-cuddly. I’m hoping these calm cuddle nights are a continuing trend.
DAY 18: Good Morning, Indianapolis! This is my view almost every morning en route to work: amazing.

DAY 19: Welcome home. So blessed to have such awesome friends and landlords who took me in back in June. Gotta love a space with character.

DAY 20: A group from Schmidt participated in “Beer Games” at the Germanfest at the Rathskeller. We had a blast and the weather was beautiful.

DAY 21: My sanctuary this morning. I took a week off from church hunting, mostly because I slept poorly and wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to try this week. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

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