Project 365: Week 2 recap

DAY 8: Vet check day! Got the last round of vaccines and the Rabies shot. Also scheduled her surgery to get “fixed”. Little girl is growing up!

DAY 9: After a long day at work, it was time to settle in for a movie.

DAY 10: The weather was beautiful. Took advantage of it and went for a short bike ride before putting in some more work hours from home.

DAY 11: Started to feel a bit sick today, but somehow her face makes me smile no matter what.

DAY 12: I had promised a friend that I would join her at a nonprofit event, so I put on my sassy pants to help me feel better and went out to support breast cancer awareness and research.

DAY 13: Movie night in the WP. A houseful of adorable kids watching “The Croods”.

DAY 14: No rest for the weary. Making up hours missed Friday from feeling puny on a dreary Sunday afternoon.

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