Let’s not forget we’re alive

After a gloomy couple days, I went back to a song a good friend sent me recently and took it in. The song is by Joshua Radin, from his new album “Wax Wings”. 

The day, for the most part, is what you make it. It’s time to make my days beautiful. Live life big and hard, smile lots and love strong. There’s only this one life. I plan on making the most of it.

I’m gonna wash the dust off my soul

I’m gonna listen to some rock n’ roll

No cares, come what may

I’m making a beautiful day 

I’m gonna drive my car into the sea

Swim out far cause I believe that the waves will wash the gray away

I’m making a beautiful day

But let me hear you say 


Oooh ooohh my my

I’m learning to fly

Hey hey what’s that you’re saying

Lets not forget we’re alive

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