Head(ache) first

I recently made the insane decision to switch from blogger-hosted blogging for both my personal and business website to self-hosting with godaddy and editing with wordpress. I had been hearing about better template design customization, user interface, etc and was getting frustrated with the “bloggy” look of their current template themes (especially for the business site). I’d also been asked by a friend about my knowledge base with WP because he had some work he could pass off to me if I could handle it. Seeing as I’m mere days away from unemployment (sorry, I know that’s a whole new blog post in general I need to catch you up on), I figured a refresher in something that might make me some money was worth it.

I had used wordpress back in 2010 in Maine when I worked for JP Ware Design, doing research and posting content. I dove in head first. I thought it would be like riding a bike. Not so, young grasshoppah. Instead, I feel a bit like this:

I have a friend who runs IT at a firm…I think mostly bc she’s the most competent of the bunch. It’s not what she was hired to do, but she gets it done. Don’t get me wrong, she’s smart…just not super tech-y. Case in point: The other day she PRINTED out directions to a place we were going. I said the above to her as we were driving along and she pulled said wadded print of directions from her purse and tried to find what step she was on.

Well…karma? She’s a b!tch.

I’m slowly getting there; neither site is ready for unveiling entirely. I’m wrapping my mind around plugins, typography, coding, overrides, themes. Hopefully when it’s all said and done, I’ll have two fabulous sites…please just appease me and nod your head “yes”. There are a lot of decisions I need to make for them between now and then, some custom graphics I need to generate, and other goodies like that.

Oh, and find a job.

Let’s hope that happens faster than the headache resulting from figuring out how to override typography settings in a theme. For now I think it’s time to unplug so my eyes don’t revolt from staring at a computer screen since 8am.

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