Who cares, I’m awesome

On a related note to my blessed post, where I mentioned a couple ways in which I’m getting over the single hurdle with the help of friends and family, I have another “single gal” funny for you.

One night last week, I was sitting at the computer working and saw a mouse – literally SAW IT – skitter across the floor from the living room to the kitchen. I texted the landlord who came through with 4 traps, two different kinds, and tips on setting them that night.

The next day, upon arriving home from work, I was greeted with the present of a mouse in a trap. After getting over the initial shock – not sure why I was shocked, exactly. After all, that was the intent when I set them – I walked over to gather the trap/mouse and dispose of it outside.

And then it jumped.

Holy blazes of hellfire.

What’s funny to me now is: I jumped in a circle like a little girl, screaming and waving my hands….while it hopped the trap in a circle, screeching and trying to get loose.

And Madeleine? She was having a field day with the crazy.

So…I texted the landlord. He wasn’t home to remedy the mouse situation (come to find out he’s not a fan of mice either). Nor were any of my friends in a close distance. It was big girl pants time. I put the bag back over my hand, kicked the trap around so that I could pick it up from trap end, and went for it.

And then it squeaked.

And I dropped it.

And squeaked myself.

Round two was more successful and the mouse is now in mouse heaven somewhere. And me? I rewarded myself with a beer. No man needed here. I got this sh!t under control.

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The S#!t Show that was Sunday

Now that I’m a couple days removed, I can laugh at myself a little.

Sunday…was brutal. Talk about death march.
I felt like a complete sh!t show.
Thankfully I only felt this way, not WAS this way.
In the process of trying to figure out why I was hurting so much, I played internet doctor and now know where my appendix and gallbladder are located. Good news, the pain source wasn’t at either of those locations.
I also realized that I need to change my living will. (I realized this before I realized where my appendix was. While in a fever-induced delirium, I was concerned my stabbing pain was appendicitis.)
I was laying on the couch in fetal position, whimpering, thinking…ok, if I go to the ER…who do I call? Who is my emergency contact? F#(k, I need to change my will. Katie gets all my sh!t (You’re welcome). I need to write this down. I don’t want to get up to get a pen and paper. I don’t even think I CAN get up to get a pen and paper. They’ll just have to take dictation in the ambulance. Mooooaaaaannnn. Whimper.
I’m not kidding about the whimpering. It was PATHETIC. If there were drunk kids milling about, they would have vine’d me like nobody’s business. I would be almost asleep (I think) and wake up to whimpering sounds even I didn’t know I made.
Plus side: I cleaned the toilet on Saturday.
Negative: It now needs to be cleaned again.
Plus side: Really awesome diet.
Negative: If you enjoy hurling your favorite comfort foods and convulsing like the girl from The Exorcist.
Plus side: Good workout from all muscles being tensed while in a feverish shake all day.
Negative: You feel like you were pummeled by a MMA fighter the next day.
Oh, did I mention, while all of this was going on, my dog ate the head off of a dead bird? Yeah, that happened.
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Another’s brave journey

A dear friend lost his job today. I know this blog is about me and my journey, but so much of me is given strength by the close knit group of friends I am lucky to have (see here and here) – so for me, his journey is my journey. As he is my friend, I am his. And today I feel for him.

I almost don’t know where to begin; all of the thoughts seem to be swirling like an unkempt merry-go-round, tumbling around with the mismatched clothes in the dryer (because why the hell would a merry-go-round be in the dryer? My point exactly. Bag o’ cats up there). I pained that I didn’t know how to come to his aid today, and I myself have heard – and been frustrated by – too much of “I know how you feel” lately to be able to utter those words to him as he shared the news with his friends. I’ve had to leave a job, many jobs in fact, in the past because of military moves, but have yet been stationary and without. So I don’t, truly, know how it feels. I found myself wanting to say it, and bit my tongue as we spoke. Remembering how those words felt like a hot hand on my cheek when others said them to me.

But I empathize nonetheless.

The world of architecture right now, and in recent years, is not an easy one. While most of the nation struggled/struggles under a max 8% unemployment rate, architecture has been almost double that at times – and still sits above the national average. Even so, he is a talented architect. He is goal-oriented and attuned to details. He is so worthy of a blessed future and I can only imagine how downtrodden he feels tonight.

He is one to always see the design in things, how something relates to another. Another friend described him recently as “the big picture” guy. When I saw this quote today, I immediately thought of him.

I hope he realizes the support structure he has. His family. His friends. His peers. I hope he realizes his value to the profession. I hope he sees this as a chance to redirect the journey, rather than a collapsed bridge. I have many hopes, but mostly I hope he finds peace in the unsettled moments, both now and in the immediate future.

I know he is a believer, so I will end with this, because no one ever says it better than He does.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

We’re all in your corner. Know that, if you know anything.

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Count your blessings

This past couple days I had a nice reminder of the good great friends and family I have in my life.

On Friday morning, I wasn’t feeling too great as I got to work, but counted it off as not having yet had breakfast. Later that day a coworker texted to check on me to make sure everything was ok. He had noticed me seeming a bit off and just wanted to check in. While I felt bad that I was broadcasting any other feeling than happiness, it was such a happy surprise to know that I have close friends to check on me, even when I’m not asking for help outright. One of the many reasons I call them my “Schmidt family”. I will admit, he might be on heightened alert because his wife is now in the midst of pregnancy with their first child. Dare I say he might be getting attuned to changing facial expressions of women when uncomfortable. ;) I’m so excited to see them start this journey together and this small gesture to a friend shows me even more how great of a dad he will be to their little girl.

Evidently the pangs early Friday might have been a stomach bug settling in, because by Sunday I was down for the count. Fever, vomiting, aches, the works. Well…the vomiting came later, but still. So I texted my dad early in the day to ask him to come play superdad and bring me some “comfort food” by the way of sprite and grilled cheese and tomato soup, as well as to provide some manual labor to do some chores around the house that I was planning on doing that day: remove the window aircon, lay down the insulation in the attic, etc. He showed up, lacking cape (or perhaps it was invisible) but superdad nonetheless. There’s no longer a draft and the temperature in the apartment has been much better since the insulation got fixed. I made some lunch, and slowly ate it as we sat and chatted about the housing market and life in general.

After revisiting lunch (thankfully I had spent some of the previous day cleaning the toilet), I was granted another small blessing in the form of my wonderful landlords. Or I guess their son…and his love for applesauce. They were kind enough to give me some – with a moderate radius being kept for germ reasons – that night when I was finally starting to feel okay enough to try and eat again. Oh the small joys of plain applesauce. Thanks, O-man!

During parts of this weekend, I lamented my singlehood, just wanting someone to do a load of laundry, or the dishes, or lay down the insulation, or cuddle me while I was completely down for the count. It would have been easy to get stuck in that low spot, but I (surprisingly) didn’t. Perhaps I was too delirious with fever. Who knows.

While my dad and my friends cannot necessarily do some of that list, I feel so blessed to know that there’s some chores on that list they are willing and ready to take to hand. Sometimes just saying you’re there is enough. Sometimes all it takes is climbing a ladder to brighten a girl’s day.

Many blessings. Many thanks.

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Project 365: Week 4 recap

DAY 22: Lady M always gives me this sideways head cocked expression when I whistle at her. It makes me laugh every time.

DAY 23: I was reminiscing about New Hampshire falls today and was reminded on my drive home that my current locale ain’t so shabby, either.

DAY 24: Madeleine is getting so big! There are times I come home for lunch and ask her if she grew while I was gone, but it’s most evident when she stands next to the landlords’ dogs.

DAY 25: SARA BAREILLES! I was stoked out of my gourd all day at work and in complete bliss at the show. If you are ever given a chance to see her live, take it! Three experiences so far, not once have I been even remotely close to disappointed.
DAY 26: Happy first birthday, little skittle! Hard to imagine it’s already been a year.
DAY 27: First bath time at home. Madeleine was not a fan, but didn’t make too much of a mess either. Her poor, shivering body was torture enough.

(You’ll notice I missed a day. I didn’t want to mis-label the posts and end on 28 and cut myself short. I promised 365 images, and 365 I will deliver.)

Have a great week!

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Pressurized minerals

There are many ways that puppies train you for children. Today, and for the next couple days, I will get to experience one of them. Dealing with poop.

You know that saying when sometimes people are acting like they think they’re special? Some variation of “What? Does she think she shits rainbows?” Or something about the poop being valuable. Well right now Madeleine’s poop is VERY valuable. 
Today while I spent lunch on the phone with the California State Board of Equalization (small business stuff), she spent it barking. Towards the tail end of the conversation, the barking stopped. That should have been my sign that trouble was afoot. Instead , 15 minutes later, I realized she was chewing on something. What, you might ask? None other than my amethyst necklace, an heirloom from my great grandma. It must have broken off the clasp earlier that day (I put it on to wear it to work that morning) and she found it on the floor. 
It is now missing 4 small amethysts. And I am digging through poop for the foreseeable future.

Happy Monday, folks. I guarantee yours was better than mine!

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What I’ve been up to

Since I’ve been dormant for awhile except to the closest of friends, here’s a synopsis of the last 3+ months in all avenues of my life.


I moved back to Indy at the beginning of June. I could’ve gone anywhere, really. Stayed in SoCal for a couple weeks, figured out where was hiring in the Arch world *laughs to self*, and moved there. But I knew where I wanted to work, so I moved there.

I’ve worked with Schmidt twice already, and loved both experiences. They take pride in their work and the sense of work community is better than I’ve seen at most other firms that do substantial work. There are a core group of people (of the 90+) that I consider my “work family”, and I love being back in the fold of that environment. (I was hired on in a contract setting to help them through two projects that will last through Thanksgiving, at which time I will hopefully transition to full time.)

I’m not kidding when I say family – this gang of misfits came after a day’s work, mid-week, and helped me unload my uhaul of the heavy furniture items and maneuvered it up some windy stairs into my new domicile. We then drank beer and shot the sh!t. It’s great to be back.


I’ve been getting back into the groove of having fun and hanging with friends: hosted and been to some parties, concerts, races, awareness walks, low key wine nights, drinks on the porch, backyard movies…the good stuff. I’ve been smiling a lot, laughing even more, and just having fun. It’s refreshing.

Home Life

If you haven’t realized (which means you’re living under a rock, because all of my social media outlets have had proof of her, like I’m a brand new, first-time mom or something), I got a dog mid-August. She’s a black standard poodle. I gave her the name Madeleine, after the Col de la Madeleine. It is one of the toughest climbs in the tour, a hairy switchback known for separating the strong from the weak, and a perfect name for my new little french girl.

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