Project 365: Week 6 Recap

DAY 35: 3Mass by Schmidt Associates with urban art in the foreground on a beautiful fall day.
DAY 36: London fog takes over downtown Indy.
DAY 37: Hello beautiful fall colors.

DAY 38: Second battle wound for Flashdance…I guess he was talking back. Time to get out the needle and thread again. 
DAY 39: Pathetically precious puppy, still in a bit of a drug-induced stupor the night of her spay surgery.
DAY 40: The drugs have worn off and now she’s just ornery. Trying to lick stitches = cone of shame.
DAY 41: Anyone else feel like a martini? Ornery day 2. Post-op day 3. These stitches can’t heal fast enough.

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Project 365: Week 5 recap

DAY 28: Flashdance has officially made it through the first two months of puppy teething, but was in dire need of a bath and a sewing patch on one of his feet. He took a day off for both, and is now back with Madeleine. You would’ve thought he was real, as happy as she became when I gave him back to her after his patch and cleaning.

DAY 29: This morning while I was getting ready for work, Madeleine started playing with something. I thought she might’ve found an amethyst, so I ran over and claimed the unknown object: a baby molar she had just lost.

DAY 30: What happens when you go to work early before the sun is up and just grope for your flats with your feet as you’re running out the door? You end up spending the morning in two different shoes without realizing it.

DAY 31: Last night I noticed a mouse, so I put out some traps the landlord gave me. I came home from work today to a maimed, but not dead, mouse in one of them. With no one available to remedy the situation, I put on my big girl pants and took care of it myself. And then rewarded myself with beer.

DAY 32: A good friend came into town for a party this weekend and called me up to catch up over dinner. It’s always great to commiserate lives and compare how our firms work, both similarly and differently. We had a great time over bourbon-based drinks and tacos.

DAY 33: I spent my afternoon with a good friend, and making new friends, carving pumpkins. I can’t remember the last time I had done this and this experience did not disappoint. Spiced apple cider, also known as “life juice”, laughs, and good music. Wins all-around.

DAY 34: I’m pretty sure this is my favorite pumpkin I’ve ever carved. Awesome handle. Awesome coloring. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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Project 365: Week 1 Recap

DAY 1: This, plus two other sunflower bushes nearby, grace my lane. That means every morning I leave and evening I return home, I get to see these beauties. They make me smile almost every time. I’m starting to wonder what it will be like in wintertime without them.

DAY 2: I’m so lucky to live in a city that is growing in a good way. The increase of good restaurants and bars is amazing to my tastebuds, albeit bad for my wallet.
DAY 3: I just bought tickets to this for a girls night with three other ladies. I’ve not seen it before, but only heard great things. I’m so excited.

DAY 4: Yet another great new place to grab a drink with friends. Loving this fall weather.

DAY 5: The detailing on the Murat is amazing. This picture doesn’t do it justice; silly iPhone. I saw the morning light hitting it this am on my way to work and was entranced with the beauty. 

DAY 6: Saturday was the annual Ovarian Cancer walk. My mom’s side of the family walked the 1-mile segment in honor of Grandma Sonja. It also happened to be the anniversary of my other grandma’s passing, so I met up with Grandpa T later in the day for dinner.

DAY 7: The first rain in awhile after a very dry summer. It made the weather brisk and beautiful. Most people don’t like rain, but I love rain boot weather. It’s all about perspective.

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