Before we return to our regularly scheduled program

I know I took an even longer hiatus from writing than normal, but I promise it was with good – albeit serious – reason.


Last Tuesday, Grandpa T was brought to Methodist by ambulance complaining of chest pain. Dad called me and we met there to check on him in the ER. After a couple EKGs and other tests, he was admitted for overnight observation while the cardiac team decided to do a stress test or a cardiac cath. Katie was able to fly in that night and we spent the following two days in the hospital with him, waiting for tests and test results.

Good news. As a 90 year old, he’s evidently been doing something right, because the heart attack he survived was his first…and the cath they performed only showed 50% blockage in one artery and 30% in another. So they sent him home on some new medicine. No stints needed.

Yesterday? He was back at the hospital he volunteers at in the maintenance department, helping the electrician run down rogue bulbs and outlets.


The man never ceases to amaze me. When I wasn’t sure what might happen during the days of last week, I had time to sit and think about how much he has, and continues to impact my life.

This is a man who, without fail, attended 95%+ of all of my and Katie’s sporting events. To cheer us on, rain, snow, or shine. To congratulate us on our wins, console us on our losses, and take stats in between. (You may think I’m kidding, but I still have some basketball stat sheets to prove it.)

A man who taught us that there’s always room for ice cream, a little dirt never hurt anyone, and the sky is the limit.

A man who taught us stubbornness, perseverance, kindness, compassion. He showed us, and continues to show us, that it is fun to read. That ideas and intelligence are worth pursuing. That pennies are worth pinching for the right things.

He’s the man who consistently and lovingly asks to be my Valentine¬†every February 14th and I can’t imagine anyone better suited for the job. His love and affection for my grandmother taught me what true love is really like and I hope someday to have someone in my life who can remotely hold a match to the compassion he showed through the years.

Logan and Lora (371) Logan and Lora (376)

I always learn something new when I’m with him and continue to look at him in admiration and respect, just as I did on the dance floor (above). I know there are so many things he has still to teach us and I look forward to every day learning from him over a bowl of his favorite soft serve.

I love you Grampa.


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