A New Chapter

And so a new chapter begins as the one prior comes to an end. Without getting into details – because the only persons that need to know them are those directly involved – after much soul-searching both on our own and with each other, together we have bravely decided to move forward on our paths separately.

Many people will see this as failure. I hope they are able to see in time the strength that it takes to make such a decision. As a part of this process I have come to thoroughly understand the “walk a mile in the person’s shoes” aphorism. I can only hope that as we move forward on our journeys, we will be surrounded by support and love as we bravely search for our happiness.

I still care for him, as I know he does for me. I still wish the best for him. I still consider him one of my closest friends, and I hope that in time we are able to maintain that friendship.

But for now, the new adventure begins…

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